Here and now

“Enough phone mama. Come play with me”. My daughter said this morning as she tugged on my hand to go and blow bubbles with her.  It got me thinking how often we miss the here and now because we’re busy. Sometimes with meaningful things other times with pretty meaningless but fun or nice things to do. We miss the precious now moments taking for granted that they can be replicated. But once time is passed it can never be relived.

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The End

Mohamed Ali was the Greatest. That was the headline story just a few weeks ago. He “shook up the world. And the world was better for it” said US President Obama in tribute to the legend. He was not great at boxing alone but was also known to have been a champion of civil rights in the USA. From the stories I heard on the BBC and the many articles done on him it is clear that he was unapologetic about the issues he strongly believed in. As I reflected on these stories I asked myself what will my “END” look like? What/who will they say Wendy was? What will the world say about you when you die? Have you ever mulled over that?  Continue reading