The End

Mohamed Ali was the Greatest. That was the headline story just a few weeks ago. He “shook up the world. And the world was better for it” said US President Obama in tribute to the legend. He was not great at boxing alone but was also known to have been a champion of civil rights in the USA. From the stories I heard on the BBC and the many articles done on him it is clear that he was unapologetic about the issues he strongly believed in. As I reflected on these stories I asked myself what will my “END” look like? What/who will they say Wendy was? What will the world say about you when you die? Have you ever mulled over that?  Continue reading


Take a step of faith

The path ahead seems uncertain. I can see a few meters from where we are but beyond that a fog hangs over the mountain that is my future. Do I go ahead or go back? Maybe I don’t have what it takes to get there, maybe it’s too far. Maybe I bit off more than I can chew. I could have been home lying on the couch watching tv or reading a book. What if I fall, what if it is too far, what if what if. That was me this morning and part of the afternoon as Hubby and I climbed up and around Mt. Longonot as part of a group hike with Hike Nation (see the note below). Going around the top was the toughest part. The fog hang over the mountain and we couldn’t see beyond a few hundred meters. It got steep and as I crawled up on all fours I wondered whether to quit and just go back. I wasn’t alone. Two members of our group started to ask, “How much further, is the worst over? ” Going round was optional and we started to question the wisdom in taking up the challenge. 

The mountain was shrouded in mystery by the fog. You never quite knew what lay ahead beyond the few hundred meters. I found myself comforted by that at some point. All I had to do was think about and conquer now and when I get to the next part do the same. I felt that if I did see what lay ahead I could possibly get discouraged. I kept telling myself to take one step at a time and focus on here and now. That got me through the whole hike. One step at a time. One meter at a time.

How often does that happen in life? You feel that it’s time to embrace something new, an opportunity opens up, a new relationship or a move beckons. Yet you feel a resistance, a fear to take a step out. A step out of your current known. Analysis of all the “dangers” paralyses you from taking any action. Your mind mostly conceives all the things that could go wrong. You even start to question the idea or opportunity and wonder if it was really for you or if you dreamed it up. You dare not hope lest you get disappointed. If only you knew the whole picture and could know how it would turn out before you set out on a path of no return. I and the type of person who like to know everything before I venture into anything. I used to go crazy when something messed with my plans because I liked the predictability of things and wanted to know the end from the beginning. Over the years I’ve loosened the obsessive grip as I’ve witnessed God unravel my lifemuch more beautifully than I could have done if He followed my plan. If we had the whole picture and knew the end from the beginning then there would be no adventure, no excitement, no surprises and very little learning. I think the not knowing helps us to utilize our faith more.  

Stepping out isn’t easy for most of us. There is fear involved, doubt about your abilities or vision. But you know what they say “everything is impossible until you do it”. Then you feel that you can go a little further , do a little more than what you have been able to achieve. Go ahead and do it afraid because if you wait for the fear to dissipate before you do it you will probably never do it (whatever your “it” may be). You can never find the amazing future awaiting you if you stay in your comfort zone. Venture off into the unknown. It’s exciting and well worth it. Growth awaits you. Don’t trade adventure for the safe and comfy. 

PS. In case you want to get out more and see the outdoors while you hike through this beautiful country of ours Kenya be sure to check out

Different isn’t better or worse

Funny how there is within us a simultaneous conflicting desire to be both the same as others but also different. The struggle to blend in yet also seeking to stand out of the crowd. I think that struggle can be traced back to childhood when our parents or caregivers initiated it with statements and questions about why we can’t be like so and so. I remember instances from early years when my brother and I (one year apart) were in the same primary school. In fact we were in the same stream therefore all the teachers he had taught me the following year. The ones who had been in the school a decade or so even remembered our older siblings. There was always the tendency to compare us. “I wish you were more like your brother… Continue reading

Free to be

Apologies are in order for not having made an appearance in your inboxes for such a looong time. I’m embarrassed to count or type the figure. So do forgive me and allow me to jump right back into the waters. I have the honor of being a mommy to a now 14month old girl. Yeah 14 months. Only parents, especially new ones, count in months as opposed to years. Being a parent changes a lot in one’s life and as your child grows you also learn so much and grow exponentially. My greatest lesson so far is that I/we need to allow ourselves to be. I remember once reading somewhere that we are human beings not human doings. Too often we get so caught up in activities, in busyness and at the end of the day we don’t have time to be. Continue reading