Is it one of those days?

Are there some mornings that getting out of bed seems like the biggest challenge of the day? Or maybe you need to get started on a project and you can’t for the life of you seem to get that push to jump start the process? It reminds me of a nursery rhyme (yes, I listen to quite a bit of those with our daughter and I may find myself adding them to my repertoire of music if I don’t watch it)..Anyway, the nursery rhyme is about lazy Mary who’s name on some days could be replaced with Wendy. Lol! As always nursery rhymes and children’s songs are simple and repetitive. See here:

Lazy Mary will you get up,
Will you get up, will you get up.
Lazy Mary will you get up,
Will you get up today.

No, no mother I won’t get up,
I won’t get up, I won’t get up.
No, no mother I won’t get up,
I won’t get up today.

I had one of those days last Friday. My alarm rang, I reached out and turned it off. I rolled over and started to think about how tired I was and to justify how it would be OK if I skipped the gym just one day. It’s never that serious, right? Then I remembered that I was working towards losing 15kilos in 4 months. I could hear the instructor’s voice ringing in my head from the previous morning’s workout “Move those sexy bodies”. Sexy is not a word I have used to describe my body in recent months. I fit in barely 1/4 of my clothes and my feet have been hurting from the weight they are bearing. Two things made me get out of bed that morning and I dragged my behind to the gym where I worked up a sweat.

Michael Wyatt discusses it so well in his podcast on “Strategies for Building New Habits”. The starting point should be a compelling vision. What is your motivation for that habit or goal you are seeking? We can be motivated by wanting to avoid a negative outcome or driven to achieve a positive outcome. He recommends a mix of the two. In my case for the negative motivation I wanted to avoid the health challenges that come with being overweight (or obese). A look at my family tree reveals diabetes and hypertension. My mom just underwent surgery and has more lined up to improve her quality of life after suffering with osteoarthritis for some years now. This has been worsened by her weight. I was reminded of this as I was debating with myself whether or not I was going to do my time that morning. The picture of giving myself insulin shots every day was a dizzying one.

The positive motivation side of my vision I have already alluded to above. I’d like to be able to wear most of my clothes that I currently don’t fit into – or maybe I should say they don’t fit me. Either way, they taunt me each day as I open my wardrobe to look for something to wear. I plan to get back to playing tennis, I want to be able to climb Mt. Kenya with my hubby this year. Keeping up with my little girl as she grows and runs around is also something I long to do. In short the value of a healthy and active lifestyle is very appealing for me. I’ll have more energy and be fit enough to enjoy the kind life I foresee. Shopping for a new wardrobe is just the icing on this cake.

That was enough for me! I got out of bed and a few minutes later I was out the door. My energy was low but boy did I work up a sweat. Then I relaxed in the steam room and faced the day with a spring in my step. I had triumphed over procrastination. Our battles rage fierce way too often. I felt closer to my goal. What a wonderful way to end my work week. As this new week starts I know that I will have to triumph many times over. Every single day as I consciously take steps towards my goals. For each of them I must ensure a compelling vision that is enough to get me past “one of those days” feeling and move me into action.

Do you have a vision compelling enough to help you dispel your “one of those days”? Without it we shrivel into a mundane existence and live below our potential. Dissatisfaction, being stuck and mediocre become our portion in life. I’ve been on that road and it sucks so I plan to avoid it like the plague. So, here’s to a productive week ahead. I wish you a triumphant one!


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