Getting up after falling down

For me it’s more like finding something to say after being quiet so long. I think all too often we (If there is anyone like me out there) wallow too much or too long instead of getting back in the game. My last post was 5 months ago! My head is struggling to remain held high as I type this. As I was driving to work today I was listening to the story of a woman called Njesh who lost her husband 6 months ago. He went out to the car wash on a Sunday after church and barely an hour later had died. Just like that. One of her closing statements was “You don’t know about tomorrow. What you have is today. So if you have something you’ve got to do, do it today. Today is all you’ve got.” So here I am.

We all at some point need to get back up from something or like a rubber band, spring back after we’ve been stretched distressingly. So your girlfriend or boyfriend broke up with you. Yeah, it hurts. Review, evaluate, learn what to do different next time and then put yourself out there again. Not every one is like that guy or girl. Grow from it.

Your business didn’t succeed? I know what that’s like. Go back to the drawing board instead of writing yourself off as a business failure. Some millionaires and famous business moguls tried their hand at various businesses before they finally got it right. So now you know one way it doesn’t work. Try your hand at it again – for the same business or a different one. Just remember to learn from the previous experience; for they say you’d have to be nuts to expect different results when you keep repeating the same thing (even in relationships).

The boss passed you over for a promotion that you were confident was yours? Sucks! We will rarely ever be appreciated for all the stuff we do at work any way but do it we must. We owe it to ourselves and God who gave us the talents and provided opportunities for us. Be the best employee you can be. One day a better door will open for you. There or somewhere else. Be faithful with the little you have and in the little you do. Faithfulness always gets rewarded.

Fell off your weight loss program and even put on more weight than before you started? Dust yourself off, dig out that picture of the ideal you (if you ever were that size, or even grab that outfit you want to fit into, look at the photo of your son or daughter that you’d like to run around with) and get back on the wagon.

Everything is possible if only we don’t give up. Falling is ok. But staying down isn’t so don’t let yourself or someone you love stay down. Get back up and do it. Yes, today. Who, but God, knows about tomorrow.




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